Women’s casual clothing has had a major impact on the way women dress across the world. With increasing stress on relaxed and non-fussy clothes making a major entry into the women’s dresses section, more and more women are opting for casual apparel that not only makes them look chic but makes them feel comfortable also.

The no-nonsense women’s casual clothing brought about a major fashion revolution and is definitely here to stay. With major fashion houses like Elan International dresses dedicating an entire collection to women’s casual apparel, there is no doubt that women are ready to break away from the restraints of elite fashion and experiment with casual clothing trends.

However, not everybody is an expert in choosing women’s casual apparel. Women’s clothing actually needs careful consideration, especially since appearance is, in these times, considered to be the most important aspect of someone’s personality. Having a few fashion tips to guide one while setting out to stock up on women’s dresses would be great!

So, here are a few casual fashion tips that you should definitely keep in mind if you’re ready to rehash your wardrobe and bring in a variety of women’s casual

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Shoes are definitely one of the most sought after accessories. In order for you to be able to look trendy, you should be going for something that can help your personality shine through. Giving a new spin on your usual pairs can help you stand out from among the crowd.


  1. Go For the Chunky

Chunky Heels are great for those who love height and preppy styles. They are much more comfortable and easy to walk around in. Try wearing T-strap chunky heals and wear them over beautifully patterned tights and pair it with a solid colored skirt for that added flair. Patterned tights give an instant twist to your look. This will definitely make you look sweet and girly.

  1. Invest On Chic Flats and Small Heels

Flats are one of the most basic pairs of shoes that you should invest in. Try wearing classic flats with little kitten heels. If you want these shoes to stand out, it is best to pair them with skinny ankle jeans. Try wearing colored versions such as burgundy and army green. This will help in adding a pop of color to your outfit.

  1. Amp Up
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Maxi dresses are very popular among women, and they are special types of dresses which loosely flow on your body, and have a long length. Such dresses appear too simple, but care is required when handling them. Below are descried six tips, which will make your experience with these dresses much better and easier:

Tip#1: pick according to your body type

There are different styles of maxi dresses, and each complements women with different body types. For petite women who have a shorter physique and are slim, the preferred choice will be the fitted dresses with minimal length. While fully figured women should buy the ones which complement their curve, hiding the trouble areas. Long and slim women should wear a loose and long dress. The basic fashion principles about colors and stripes are also applicable.

Tip#2: maxi dresses should not cover your feet

Due to the length and flow, they are hard to walk in. In order to make the dress more comfortable and practical, its length should not be more than your ankles. If it is, you should pin the dress up so that you find the length in which you can easily walk.

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I’ve been working with runway models for just over six years. From all the hustle and bustle back stage I got to learn a lot of fun and unexpected fashion tips and tricks from my model friends. These are quick fixes for a fashion emergency.

Slip Proof Heels
Runway models often have to wear crazy shoes that usually do not fit their actual size. To ensure a safe walk that will prevent the ankle bender on the runway, models will often pat the bottom of the heels with a paper towel soaked in soda, so when it dries, the bottom of the shoe becomes a little sticky, hence preventing the slippery cow move on the runway. I’ve also seen models scratch the bottom of the heel with a key or a knife; this makes ridges that help to prevent slipping as well. Stuffing shoes and heels is big thing in runway fashion. Your shoe is too big? Stuff it with some tissue, either in back or front, until you feel more secure in the shoe. Some models bring little inserts that keep their feet from slipping forward when wearing heels. You can get those in any shoe store or drugstores.

Bloat Free

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When that special day arrives and you’re standing in front of all your friends and family saying “I Do” to the one you love, you want to make sure the bridal jewelry you choose compliments your dress. Even though most of the emphasis is placed on your wedding dress there are a few choice pieces of jewelry that can greatly enhance your overall look and bring it all together.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to choose your jewelry or you might end up with a lot of mismatched pieces that simply don’t look right together. The jewelry you choose can enhance your beauty and add that special touch but poorly chosen pieces will take away from it.

Tips for choosing bridal jewelry:

  • Choose your dress first because you’ll need to match your jewelry to the dress in order to get the best look. The type of material, pattern and color will all help determine what type of jewelry would look the best.
  • Consider the cut of the dress when deciding which type of necklaces to wear or whether or not to wear one at all. To give you an idea of what to look for, a strapless bodice will
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Are you willing to buy some exotic summer dresses that will complement your personality? The summer days are the perfect time to play with colors. This is the time to experiment with pastel and smoldering bright colors that will add brilliance to your collection. There are a myriad of dresses available in the online shops. Just a glance at the summer dresses will remind a person of a vibrant feeling to relax on the beach dressed in the brilliant beach dresses.

Whether you look for some cool summer dresses or shimmery party dresses, you must be in line with the latest fashion trends. The online stores are flooded with the most chic summer and party dresses that cannot be found in the offline shops. The recent trends are more towards shopping from the online stores as it is convenient to check for a huge variety of dresses from the different stores. When you plan to buy a new summer dress, you must always browse the online stores and imbibe the idea of the ongoing fashion trends. If you want to look stunning and steal the envious looks of your friends, you must wear the chic and trendy dresses.

Despite buying the most

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Wedding is the special event in your life. You want to share your happiness with those persons who always give you support and love you. This is the time to invite your sisters and best friends to be your bridesmaids in your wedding. Choosing the right and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses is a daunt task, which need you pay considerable efforts to handle this. Here I’ll give you some advice regarding the choice of bridesmaid dresses.

Dress color
First choose the color you like. After all you are the focus in the wedding. Choose the colors which can flatter your skin for the bridesmaids stay together with you a lot. Second, take the season into consideration. Generally speaking, pastels and light colors are appropriate in the spring and summer. Third, consider the formality of the wedding, if the wedding ceremony is relatively casual, you can choose the sunny colors sunny colors such as orange or yellow, or cool soothing colors such as blue or green. Peach, light green and pink go perfectly with garden wedding. Although we have a lot of choices for color, there are some colors for which we should avoid opting, such as neon green, dirt brown.

Skirts style

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Most brides want to look like princesses on their big day and having the perfect beaded, full skirted princess style gown is part of this. If you have a small budget however you may be feeling that this is not possible anymore. Well think again! You can find the best quality, princess style cheap wedding gowns online and offline if you know where to look and how to choose correctly.

  1. One of the first things you should do is look for the ultimate style and cut you like and your favorite dress. Take a picture of it wherever you go and get the sales people to show you all of the dresses they have that are similar or the same. Go to the cheapest stores and don’t even look in stores that you can’t afford.
  2. If you are looking online find all the wedding gown stores you can and search for hours if need be to find the ones you like. From all the websites that you find with cheap dresses, make a list of all the ones you really like.
  3. Finding a cheap wedding dress may not be the easiest thing in the world, but you can do it with some tricks.
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The increasing number of pregnant brides on the wedding day has made to the invention of an interesting array of beautiful and elegant wedding dresses for the pregnant. As such, the pregnancy should not bar you from being the elegant, flattering and beautiful figure you have always to be on your wedding day. Many designers as well as bridal shops currently include maternity wedding dresses in their stocks. With several designs and styles to choose from, pregnant brides have to be careful while selecting dresses for wedding. The following tips will help you settle on the best suited dress for your wedding if you are pregnant.

Wedding Dress Style

The style of the wedding dress to opt for while pregnant is greatly affected by the period of the pregnancy. For instance, if you are in the initial months of your pregnancy, you may not need a maternity wedding dress. In such a case, a slightly large gown of your preferred style will do. If your pregnancy is some months old and is showing, you will need to select for a dress that will be comfortable to wear, yet elegant and flattering. In this case, you will have to avoid ball gowns that

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The perfect and most beautiful wedding is an event that’s desired by all brides. Choosing the perfect dresses that compliment your theme and personality is a huge part of making your wedding complete. Just as important as it is for the bride’s dress to look like an mouth dropper to all her guest, so should her brides maid dresses as they also hold a striking appearance that gets the attention of all.

Simple brides maid dresses, that are not too overly decorated or detailed but shows a hint of elegance and sophistication with a feminine touch is what you’re looking for. So, when choosing style that’s best for your best friends is to be sure the style flatters everyone’s figure like a glove.

So, it’s important to know that not everyone may have a sleek and thin figure. Of course this is accomplishable by planning ahead and sticking to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Forming a weight loss pact for everyone is not a bad idea. But, in case everyone’s not on board with this idea, Here are a few alternatives.

  1. Most empire waste and princess skirts area favorable choice for any body shape.
    2. If your friends seem to have a
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  1. Prom dresses run at least one size smaller just like wedding gowns so pick dresses a size larger and you’ll get a perfect fit.
  2. Keep an open mind. Try on lots of different styles of dresses. You might love a dress you never thought you’d wear.
  3. Dresses look better on you than on the hanger–so try it on.
  4. Listen to the opinions of your mom and/or friends as to what styles and colors look good on you. Just because you like the dress in an ad, doesn’t mean it’s the dress for you.
  5. Let the salesperson help you try on the dresses. They help you zip and lace up the dresses, hang them back up and save you time shopping.
  6. Listen to the salesperson’s ideas because they know which body type the dresses look good on. They know which styles are hot and which styles have a great fit.
  7. There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll be the only one at prom with your dress since girls buy from bridal shops in neighboring towns and also online. Let your friends know which dress you buy so that they will be able choose another style.
  8. Starting shopping in January or February when the selection of prom dresses is
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Comfort is the primary concern for any one whether a sports woman, housewife, college girl, or working woman. Women casual wear is the one way of getting such comforts. However besides the comfort, every woman wishes to look fashionable and keep up with the current fashion styles without looking sloppy and out of fashion.

Women Casual Clothes

Women those are lucky enough dressing in women’s casual clothes everyday could face multiple challenges.

First challenge for the fashion seeker is building the core wardrobe.

Such wardrobe should have enough varieties to choose from.

Selecting the perfect one without looking like a slob is the basic objective.

Getting Help With a few Tips

For those aspiring to get the best women’s casual or women fashion dresses can do well with a few tips to accomplish the task. Such tips would help them build up their casual attire. Here are some tips for such people.

Casual wear should be bought the same way as the regular wear for the women.

Since the challenge would be building up the best women dresses wardrobe with casual wear and sportswear, the steps should be taken in that direction only.

Best approach for casual clothing is buying trio colored and making the best mix.

Matching the wardrobe

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Are you tired of trying to make yourself seem a little taller but not getting anywhere fast? Do not give up hope just yet as I have a few fashion tips that could help you. If you also exercise and have a good diet you can enhance the appearance more.

I know what you are thinking, what has diet and exercise got to do with giving the illusion of appearing taller? Well the diet part works like this. By having a diet that is full of nutrients such as calcium, amino acids, protein and the like you can effectively make your bones healthier and stronger. This will make you more upright in appearance.

Exercising regularly helps the bones too but also makes you slimmer. It is far easier to find clothes that make you appear taller when you are slimmer.

So now that is the diet and exercise out of the way what about the clothes you wear everyday? Do you wear shirts or pants with patterns on them?

Do you also wear two tone clothes or outfits that button up? Do you also wear tiny looking shoes? These are not good for you appearance. You are inadvertently making yourself look shorter.

Wearing two-tone colored

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Men: we all know it’s important to look good, but that it’s equally as important not to look like you know that it’s important to look good. Twenty – or even fifteen – years ago, a man’s accessories simply weren’t a big part of the fashion industry. Men’s accessories have become a huge part of today’s fashion market, and today men are under just as much pressure as women to pull together a perfectly-accessorized outfit in order to make the best possible impression to those around them. From Stylish wallets and belts to latest much have accessory the Man Bag…So here are some fashion tips, that no matter how clueless you are, will set you well on to the road to an appearance of effortless style.

  1. Match your belt with your shoes. Such a simple touch, but one that makes the difference between dishevelled charm and threw-it-on-in-the-dark disinterest.
  2. Don’t go mad with colour. Fashion isn’t about having everything matching but it is advisable to exercise a little restraint with colour unless you’re a catwalk model. Bright colours go with black, reds go with brown and denim goes with (nearly) everything.
  3. Just wedding rings.
  4. Get a nice wallet. It’s the little things that count and
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What a man wears is as important as honing his communication skills because of the attention your clothing attracts. Having the right wardrobe is an important part of letting people see you for who you are. They say that we are judged more by our body language than what we say and our clothes play a big part in that.

In this article I’m going to give you some important fashion tips to help you build your wardrobe starting from the most basic viewpoint.

  1. I cannot stress this enough! Before you go and start altering any of your suits think twice. It is very easy to mess them up and have them look horrible. I advise you to get a professional tailor to do any alterations necessary.
  2. When you go to purchase a shirt make certain it fits properly around the neck. You want to make sure the collar is neither to tight or to loose. You also want to make certain that your shirt cuffs come close to half an inch below the sleeves of your suits.
  3. Keep your shoes shined. This is very important if you want to impress someone. Keeping your shoes shined and in great condition shows that you have
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  1. Location: Your location can play a big part in what type of dress you choose. If you’re getting married on the beach in the summer you may want to stick to a light-weight dress without a train. If you’re going for a winter indoor wedding a ball gown dress or a modest dress might work best for the temperature.
  2. Budget: Keep in mind the additional costs for accessories, undergarments and alterations. Alterations will most likely be an additional cost that most brides disregard. These costs usually account for 10-15% of the dress.
  3. Start early: Make sure to keep track with a timeline or calendar. It can take anywhere from 4-8 months to get designer dresses. Make sure to have an additional month, at least, before the wedding for alterations.
  4. Do some research: This is a definitely one of the most important of the 10 tips for choosing your wedding dress. There are a variety of different color whites, ivories, champagnes, and other wedding dress colors? Some body types work with certain dress styles. Take photos of dresses you find to stores to give the consultant a better idea of what you want or something similar.
  5. Make a “game plan”: Decide where you want to
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Every person loves to become fashionable. Most of the people follow fashion tips to keep themselves updated on the latest trends. People irrespective of age and gender love to power themselves with fashion and become the center of attraction. Many people do not actually know the meaning of fashion. Flaunting latest trends will not make a person stylish and fashionable. It is important to first learn how to team up the clothes with the best accessories. A person can look fashionable only if they feel comfortable in what they wear. Here are some fashion tips which will help in giving a new look to create a style statement.

Choose your right attire

Finding out the best comfortable attire is essential. Every person must choose a dress that they feel goes well with their body. A dress that does not go well with the body would damage the appearance of the person. Trying to wear anything just because it is on trend doesn’t make a person fashionable.


It is essential to choose the right accessories that pairs up with the apparels and clothes. Wearing wrong accessories is a big fashion faux pas. The entire look of the dress will be complete only with the

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Here are a few fashion essentials all modern men should be aware of. Many of them are not even about fashion but help you look the part. This will be good news for the army of men out there not wanting to follow fashion but still wanting to impress.

Improve your posture

Perhaps the biggest fashion tip of all has nothing to do with fashion itself. It’s about improving your posture when you walk, when you stand and when you sit. An army of office workers today slouch at their desk and walk like their grandparents.

Stand straight, pull back your shoulders, push that ribcage out and look straight ahead, not down to the ground. You will exude confidence and for a man, this is worth much more than what the most expensive suit can achieve and is what makes you manly in the eyes of women: confidence to tackle all of life’s difficulty, confidence in your ability to overcome adversity.

Look after your clothes and they will look after you

To store your shirts and suits in better conditions and for longer, use wide and stout coat-hangers. Thin metal hangers leave creases and sometimes stain the fabric. With heavy suits, they even get bent.

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There are so many fashion tips out there for women, but what about men? Men also want to look good especially if they are going to an elegant or formal function such as a wedding or a corporate function. Here are some fashion tips for the modern man.

If you are attending a corporate function that is semi-formal, then you may want to wear something semi-formal. If you need something semi-formal yet classy and elegant, you can choose an informal pants with a shirt and a nice sports jacket or blazer. You don’t really need tie pins and clips for this look. You can choose a cravat which is placed on the inside of your shirt with the first two buttons open. Ask the salesman to show you how to fold the cravat and how to wear it. This will give the jacket a classier look.

With this look casual shoes are perfect. Colour is also very important when choosing a casual shoe. With casual shoe, I don’t mean sneakers. I mean something that is informal but doesn’t have laces like a moccasin or loafer. Remember to take shoes that are going to be comfortable if you are going to stand for

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Dressing right for the first date is not only a lady’s thing. A man also needs to think about what is desirable and ideas that can be a complete turn off. Therefore, before you put the jeans and t-shirt or shinny suit, you need to think about mens fashion tips. First, be unique. Women like guys who can make a statement without trying too much. Some of the best add ons to make you standout include the watch, chain, belt or the shoes. Find out what your best point is in all of this and make it stand out. It does not have to be a very informal or very formal look. The main thing is to feel comfortable without appearing like you are overdoing it.

For the outfit, a pair of jeans and a designer shirt or t-shirt is good enough with the right accessories; a watch and chain. They make a statement about who you are and put you on a higher pedestal. However, this look can only work for informal events like concerts and the cinema. Do not be tempted to unbutton the first few buttons on your shirt. It is a turn off. If you want to