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Are you tired of trying to make yourself seem a little taller but not getting anywhere fast? Do not give up hope just yet as I have a few fashion tips that could help you. If you also exercise and have a good diet you can enhance the appearance more.

I know what you are thinking, what has diet and exercise got to do with giving the illusion of appearing taller? Well the diet part works like this. By having a diet that is full of nutrients such as calcium, amino acids, protein and the like you can effectively make your bones healthier and stronger. This will make you more upright in appearance.

Exercising regularly helps the bones too but also makes you slimmer. It is far easier to find clothes that make you appear taller when you are slimmer.

So now that is the diet and exercise out of the way what about the clothes you wear everyday? Do you wear shirts or pants with patterns on them?

Do you also wear two tone clothes or outfits that button up? Do you also wear tiny looking shoes? These are not good for you appearance. You are inadvertently making yourself look shorter.

Wearing two-tone colored clothing draws attention to the mid section of your body where the colors meet and this makes your legs appear smaller. Outfits with buttons or patterns do the same. It is more effective to blur the waistline as much as possible. Therefore you need a solid color scheme such as black or blue to make you appear taller.

A dark blue business suit can alter your appearance and make you seem taller as can striped clothing. Pinstripe suits or pants or vertical stripes on your stockings can make you look slimmer and taller.

High heel shoes obviously make you look taller as will shoes with the enhanced insoles in them. Bigger shoes can make your feet look bigger and this in turn can make you appear taller too.

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Men: we all know it’s important to look good, but that it’s equally as important not to look like you know that it’s important to look good. Twenty – or even fifteen – years ago, a man’s accessories simply weren’t a big part of the fashion industry. Men’s accessories have become a huge part of today’s fashion market, and today men are under just as much pressure as women to pull together a perfectly-accessorized outfit in order to make the best possible impression to those around them. From Stylish wallets and belts to latest much have accessory the Man Bag…So here are some fashion tips, that no matter how clueless you are, will set you well on to the road to an appearance of effortless style.

  1. Match your belt with your shoes. Such a simple touch, but one that makes the difference between dishevelled charm and threw-it-on-in-the-dark disinterest.
  2. Don’t go mad with colour. Fashion isn’t about having everything matching but it is advisable to exercise a little restraint with colour unless you’re a catwalk model. Bright colours go with black, reds go with brown and denim goes with (nearly) everything.
  3. Just wedding rings.
  4. Get a nice wallet. It’s the little things that count and dragging round a ripped, scratched wallet is more likely to have you losing your cash than winning admiring glances.
  5. Think about a manbag.

Weighing down your pockets with keys, wallet and phone damages the material of your trousers and isn’t exactly comfortable either. Manbags are definitely here to stay and you can show that you’re on top of fashion into the bargain by getting one. Check out some great manbags to be found on the web and great deals to be had at the moment..

  1. Choose trousers that fit. High waisted jeans a la Simon Cowell are a definite no-no, as are skater slouches that not only show your boxers but also your knees and ankles if you’re unlucky. Get a belt if necessary (see Tip 1).
  2. Avoid beige. Traditionally the premise of over 60s holidays and Crocodile Dundee, beige is rarely a good colour both fashionably and practically.
  3. Wear a scarf. Nothing like a bit of opera-going sophistication to add to your ensemble – choose something understated and wear it draped around your neck rather than tied.
  4. Throw away the hair gel. Too nineties!
  5. Follow the stars. GQ magazine have just published their “Best Dressed 2011” list – check it out here for more inspiration! Visit Just4leather today and see their terrific mens fashion items today.
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What a man wears is as important as honing his communication skills because of the attention your clothing attracts. Having the right wardrobe is an important part of letting people see you for who you are. They say that we are judged more by our body language than what we say and our clothes play a big part in that.

In this article I’m going to give you some important fashion tips to help you build your wardrobe starting from the most basic viewpoint.

  1. I cannot stress this enough! Before you go and start altering any of your suits think twice. It is very easy to mess them up and have them look horrible. I advise you to get a professional tailor to do any alterations necessary.
  2. When you go to purchase a shirt make certain it fits properly around the neck. You want to make sure the collar is neither to tight or to loose. You also want to make certain that your shirt cuffs come close to half an inch below the sleeves of your suits.
  3. Keep your shoes shined. This is very important if you want to impress someone. Keeping your shoes shined and in great condition shows that you have pride in how you look and it makes you look like someone that should be respected.
  4. A classy gentleman will always wear a watch. You can decide to either wear a plain gold watch with a classic band or go for a something a little more elegant like a pocket watch with a chain.
  5. An important part of dressing up is wearing the proper socks. They should always go up high enough on the leg so that your legs will not show when you sit.
  6. The most important part of giving a great impression is to always wear a big smile. When you shake hands with people make sure you give a good firm grip to show that you are confident and secure in your surroundings.

Your biggest asset is you and showing people that you can dress for success is one of the best fashion tips I can give you. It will get you a whole lot further than words ever could.

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  1. Location: Your location can play a big part in what type of dress you choose. If you’re getting married on the beach in the summer you may want to stick to a light-weight dress without a train. If you’re going for a winter indoor wedding a ball gown dress or a modest dress might work best for the temperature.
  2. Budget: Keep in mind the additional costs for accessories, undergarments and alterations. Alterations will most likely be an additional cost that most brides disregard. These costs usually account for 10-15% of the dress.
  3. Start early: Make sure to keep track with a timeline or calendar. It can take anywhere from 4-8 months to get designer dresses. Make sure to have an additional month, at least, before the wedding for alterations.
  4. Do some research: This is a definitely one of the most important of the 10 tips for choosing your wedding dress. There are a variety of different color whites, ivories, champagnes, and other wedding dress colors? Some body types work with certain dress styles. Take photos of dresses you find to stores to give the consultant a better idea of what you want or something similar.
  5. Make a “game plan”: Decide where you want to go and when. Keep in mind that most bridal shops will be busiest on the weekends so going on a weekday may allow for more one-on-one time with your consultant and you’ll feel more like a princess being in the store with less people. Only go to 1 to 2 stores in one day or you will get overwhelmed. Allow about 1-1.5 hours at each store. Carry a notebook to keep track of dresses and styles you like and store info.
  6. Bring backup: It’s always nice to have a second opinion but having too many opinions can be overwhelming. A suggested number of guests are 1-5. Keep in mind that it’s YOUR wedding so go with what you love and not what others love.
  7. Find a dress for less: Most stores have discontinued (but still very gorgeous and trendy) dresses at lower costs. Don’t disregard these dresses! Some stores also have trunk shows where they may have sales the day of. You can also usually get coupons at bridal shows and other events.
  8. Keep an open mind: Bridal consultants are there to help you. Some dresses look different on than just hanging. You never know what it looks like on you until you try it on.
  9. Focus on fit not size: This is another very important tip for choosing your wedding dress. Most stores will only have sample sizes that are not your exact size. Bridal sizes also run smaller than normal clothing sizes. You always want to go with a size that fits now or larger. Alterations can always take in a dress but it can’t always be let out.
  10. Get it in writing: Go over a contract or timeline with your consultant for deposit prices, when the dress will arrive, alterations estimates, shipping, and return policy. Also prior to order, make sure to double check the styles, size and color so there is no confusion.