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The perfect and most beautiful wedding is an event that’s desired by all brides. Choosing the perfect dresses that compliment your theme and personality is a huge part of making your wedding complete. Just as important as it is for the bride’s dress to look like an mouth dropper to all her guest, so should her brides maid dresses as they also hold a striking appearance that gets the attention of all.

Simple brides maid dresses, that are not too overly decorated or detailed but shows a hint of elegance and sophistication with a feminine touch is what you’re looking for. So, when choosing style that’s best for your best friends is to be sure the style flatters everyone’s figure like a glove.

So, it’s important to know that not everyone may have a sleek and thin figure. Of course this is accomplishable by planning ahead and sticking to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Forming a weight loss pact for everyone is not a bad idea. But, in case everyone’s not on board with this idea, Here are a few alternatives.

  1. Most empire waste and princess skirts area favorable choice for any body shape.
    2. If your friends seem to have a different opinion on fashion than you, you can always give them the option of choosing their own dress in the color and material you pick.
    3. A shawl is a feminine option to cover shoulders exposed by strapless dresses.

Be sure to take the time of year into consideration as well. For instance, it would be a horrible experience for your brides maids to wear spaghetti straps in the winter. Conversely, it wouldn’t be very nice to wear a heavy dress for a hot, outside, beach wedding. Lastly, make sure the color of your gowns tone nicely with the bouquets they’ll be holding in their hands.

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