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What a man wears is as important as honing his communication skills because of the attention your clothing attracts. Having the right wardrobe is an important part of letting people see you for who you are. They say that we are judged more by our body language than what we say and our clothes play a big part in that.

In this article I’m going to give you some important fashion tips to help you build your wardrobe starting from the most basic viewpoint.

  1. I cannot stress this enough! Before you go and start altering any of your suits think twice. It is very easy to mess them up and have them look horrible. I advise you to get a professional tailor to do any alterations necessary.
  2. When you go to purchase a shirt make certain it fits properly around the neck. You want to make sure the collar is neither to tight or to loose. You also want to make certain that your shirt cuffs come close to half an inch below the sleeves of your suits.
  3. Keep your shoes shined. This is very important if you want to impress someone. Keeping your shoes shined and in great condition shows that you have pride in how you look and it makes you look like someone that should be respected.
  4. A classy gentleman will always wear a watch. You can decide to either wear a plain gold watch with a classic band or go for a something a little more elegant like a pocket watch with a chain.
  5. An important part of dressing up is wearing the proper socks. They should always go up high enough on the leg so that your legs will not show when you sit.
  6. The most important part of giving a great impression is to always wear a big smile. When you shake hands with people make sure you give a good firm grip to show that you are confident and secure in your surroundings.

Your biggest asset is you and showing people that you can dress for success is one of the best fashion tips I can give you. It will get you a whole lot further than words ever could.

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